Voice Rad Project

Voice Rad

Quick and Personal Access to the Audible Teachings of Professors

Casey Bishop Ashley Davidoff

Would like the Educational committee to consider supporting the idea of requesting members of the department to help create Voice Rads initially of ER related projects.  This will require a buy in from the staff and the residents

These recordings may be best done at read out sessions when a classical ER case arises

These recordings should be 30-45 seconds long and suggested format is

This is Dr…. and I wanted to discuss the diagnosis of (modality of ..disease).  The most important findings of the (disease on modality) include (major criteria) Sometimes you may also find (minor criteria). You must always remember to look for (complications or other nuances of the disease)  Other diseases to consider include (ddx) and you may want to recommend (other imaging or lab tests) (Duration 30-45 seconds)

Casey will collect these and we will create a database.  These are relatively small files so Casey and I will keep these on our personal computers or store them in Box.com temporarily

We will correlate the collection of the lectures with the required list of ER topics

Once the Library is up and running we will transfer both the collection and the database to the official library


Project for AUR?