Winners of the Flower Photography Competition

1st Place Tie Isaac Tharpe

004 Isaac Tharpe

1st Place Tie  Igor Ricardo #024

024 Igor Ricardo
Sun and Flower
2nd Place Dr Avneesh Gupta  #018
018 Avneesh Gupta
“Ladybugs and Aphids”
Chrissy had an aphid infestation in her garden, and so she recruited around 1,500 ladybugs to take care of them. After several days, the ladybugs had completed their job, and the aphids were all gone. I shot this image with a 100 mm macro lens.
3rd Place Place Dr Ilse Castro Aragon
015 Ilse Castro-Aragon
One Moment in Time  – The Whole Life Cycle of the Hoya Flower –  from  umbrel of wax flowers to porcelain flowers with nectar.