PACS Performance Bridge Teaching File Integration

“IN Line”   Teaching File Database

Ashley Davidoff   July  18 2020

Creation of a

Teaching File Database While Dictating

Dictating the word “keywords” placed at the end of a report will act as a searchable phrase to identify cases for the Teaching File Database


What to add after “keywords”

“keywords” is a succinct crystallised version of the aspects of the case that are of interest
“keywords” will follow a format  that will include;
structural reference/findings/diagnosis
eg appendix, enlarged, acute appendicitis
  • After the Case is Signed off

    • Performance Bridge
      • identifies the word
        “keywords” in the report
    • Automatically and in Real Time
      • Extracts and
      • Uploads this case to the
    • Teaching File Database in the
    • Secure BMC Server


Extracted Data Would Include  the Following Fields from Performance Bridge

The Imported Data Would not be  Editable

The Radiologist from here has 2 choices
  1. There may be no need to add anything else to the database since the keywords may serve the purpose
  2. The Radiologists/Residents want to add some specific issues eg added clinical info, quality control,  research possibilities 
For ” 2″
The User would be Provided with  Editable Fields such as

Specialty area
Needs F/U
Path Proven

The Radiologist/Resident would have to go to a secure link  to open the Database and would be presented with a form to edit the data

Appearance of the Form to Edit Data

Form to Edit Data

When the student, resident staff , want to search the TF Database they click “Search” and they can search any of the fields

Appearance of the Form to Search Data

Form to Search Data

We understand that a link from Performance Bridge to PACS is a plan for the future.  This will enable us to go from the database back to the study

Search and Link Function

In Summary
  • What We Need
    • Extract in Real Time All Reports  that Have the Word
      • “keyword”/”keywords”/”key word”/”key words”
    • Export in Real Time after the Report is Signed off
      • to the Secure BMC  Performance Bridge Database
    • Ability to Edit and Search the Secure TF Database
    •  Link from the Secure TF Database Back to PACS

Philips response

Mohannad Hussain

Liked the idea – Could only start work in Jan would take about 3 months

The only aspect that would need to be addressed as “new” and not in progress is the

  • Extract in Real Time All Reports  that Have the Word
    • “keyword”/”keywords”/”key word”/”key words”

Suggested we use “Case Index” Gemma is working to have a button on  our PACS work station that would allow us to tag cases

The Philips team is working on uploading Case Indexer for us now so hopefully it should be up and running by the end of the week at the latest!
  1. If we can create new tags eg if Dr Jones wants to be able to retrieve all her cases  from the TF could she tag a case with her name and later search for her cases
    1. Yes – should be able to do that since you can manually type in tags!
  2. Can you try and understand why the reports cannot be searched?  Do not quite understand that  May just be that they do not have that search function available yet
    1. What do you mean why the reports cannot be searched? Do you mean within Case Indexer?
  3. When may the link from Case Index to the PACS become available
    1. Unsure! I don’t anticipate SOON but I will find out.
  4. Will the link to the Case Index always be available when we are signed into PACS and where will it be located
    1. Not sure… need to find out when we can integrate first then can dig into these questions.
  5. I think Dr LeBedis may have used this in the past and lost all her data on one upgrade  Do we have a system for backing up this database
    1. Oh no!! That’s terrible!! If they live in Philips I am sure they have to have a backup but I am not sure. I will ask!!
  6. Dr Bedi suggested we create a macro for keywords on all our reports Is there any reason we should not start that now? so that by the time we develop the link to the  database (which could be the same case index database) we could integrate all the databases into Case File Database
  7. Are you able to extract the Case File Database into Excel so that we can add Dr Lebedi’s database and then export the integrated db  back
  8. How do we get to a DB development resource in the BU BMC environment 

email with Barry Baylosis 7/22


In essence we can start to develop a working slick system right now (Phase 1) by adding a macro to all our reports keywords/structure/findings/diagnosis  that is used only in select cases With that intact we can manually search the Philips database (performance bridge)  and get all the cases of interest.  I suspect that with this simple maneuver we have a start of what we want  ie if you want to find the great case of appendicitis to present at 10am that you reported – you search the PB database /keywords/your name/date/appendicitis etc   and easy to find and always there for you to search and have even in 5 years time We just cannot add additional info like “great case,” “research” since it appears on the patient report  This could be the QI project  key would be to have easy access to PB, do some piloting and if it works ,then circulate among all members of the department Perhaps we start with the chest and abdominal imaging group and then to the rest of the department

Phase 2 – real time extraction into an isolated db that resides in Performance Bridge that allows us to add and edit data If we wait for Philips  (Jan 2021) If we find a DB developer in house we can start now


Phase 3

Exclude the keywords from the report  Perhaps a Nuance request

Then keywords could be more robust eg “research” “consult Dr Jones”