AI Group

So Far

Andrew Hartz
Vamsee Reddy
Michael Romano


To Innovate new methods for learning teaching an clinical care



First project idea. AI Diagnostic Tool for CXRs (refer to Chester AI on BMC internal website/server.
– Residents reading chest x-rays (general radiology or call)
– Resident copy/paste or download/upload CXR image and place it onto application on BMC server website
– Application will analyze and list findings with probabilities and heat-maps
– Does the app improve resident draft or prelim accuracies?
To do:
– Has this been done before at other institutions?
– Find an open source Chester AI code to start with
Other project ideas. We can think of a project to branch off of the Alzheimer AI research. We can use GAN generated images to represent what a healthy image would look like with progressively worsening disease. We can use heat-mapping as a learning tool.