Flash Cards for Medical Students

Nina Le MS4 Will Bichet MD

Radiology Flashcard Project

Nina Le, MS4



In medical school, students’ exposure to radiology often begins in anatomy with a focus on identification. Over the course of their education, however, students are expected to know how to interpret images in order to answer questions about diagnosis and treatment on tests and boards. Few resources exist for medical students to practice reading “bread and butter” images that typically appear on exams. By combining several online and in-house resources, we plan to develop a flashcard bank of pertinent images and corresponding questions for medical students.

Mission Statement

By making an online bank of flashcards, we can create a compact and straightforward resource for medical students to learn how to interpret radiology images and have confidence in answering questions related to imaging. The goal is to increase student access to numerous images of particular diseases with corresponding multiple-choice questions. This will help students become familiar with looking at images of various modalities and knowing important findings that lead to a diagnosis. As the resource grows, we hope to improve feasibility by dividing the flashcards to focus on relevant images based on the year of study in medical school.


We will be using several resources to collect images and questions for the flashcards. We have presentations created by medical students and radiology residents with images and questions that can be extracted via computer program. We will also be using image libraries and online quizzes to supplement the information from the presentations and to generate more questions. The flashcards will be made through an online software called Anki, which is available for students to download for free. By using this software, the flashcards will be widely accessible and easy to use.

Consider  Anki (https://apps.ankiweb.net/), as an alternative.