Vision for the Imaging Library

One  Integrated Location for the Departmental Intellectual and Educational Assets

Primary Goal

To Enable Collection of Cases from the PACS

What’s Different?

Easing the Pain to Collect Cases

Evolving In Line System with Philips Performance Bridge

All do it the Same Way


  • Solution –

  • Macro for Keywording (Harp)
    Dictate the Keywords (Kitt)

See Presentation to Engineers for Integration of Performance Bridge
with TF Database

Second  Focus-  Using the the Power of the Powerpoint

Collection of Existing PPs in the Department  (Voluntary)

Enabling Storage Creation, Editing, Storage Retrieval


Medical Student Pilot Study

Additional Data for the Library Will Come From a Variety of Other Existing Sources and Planned Projects


See Powerpoint Presentation

  • Teaching File Database Derived from
    • PACS (Project in Progress)
    • Chrissy’s Data base (>4000 cases)
    • “Loose” databases – Individual DB’s hanging out in “closets”
      • (EC buy in and action Item)
  • Imaging Library
  • Powerpoint Library
    • Attending Radiologists Contribute (Voluntary)
      • (EC buy in and action Item)
    • Residents Talks (Voluntary)
      • (Asim and residents buy in and – Action Item)
    • Students (part of some  projects)
      • (Mikhail and residents buy in and – Action Item)
    • Technologists (voluntary)
      • (EC buy in and Jennifer and technologists buy in and – Action Item)
    • In the Future
      • Will be able to use this PP  library with private log in to create, edit, store and publish Powerpoints and use also to present from .

Evolving Projects/ Ideas

    • Video Library
    • Voice Rad Library
    • OLA Library
    • Widget Library
    • In A Nutshell Library
    • Links and References Library
    • Conference Posters and Electronic Presentations
    • Departmental Research Projects
BMC Imaging Library Available to Whom?
Available by Log In for
      • Attending Radiologists
      • Residents (present and past)
      • Students
      • Technologists