Rookies of academic Radiology

Minh Nguyen (Chair),  Ashley Davidoff (Faculty Mentor)
The Rookies of Academic Radiology Club
  1. Mission
    • Promoting and integrating personal, social and educational aspects of medical students
    • Inspire Future Educators and Enhance Teaching Skills
    • Developing innovative learning tools (flash cards, games, AI application) for Radiology
    • Increase exposure to radiology  for clinical care , and exam preparation
    • Inspire Students to go into Radiology
  2. * Name of Project

     Rookies of Radiology(The RoR Club) better known as The RoaR Club

The Roles of the Student, Resident and Facilitator

Review Already Available PP

Chair decides on needs for a year long agenda an the and facilitator helps identify resource

 Students set agenda about what they struggled with or what they want to focus on

 Facilitator provide image cases that highlight this

Students practice and give feedback to each other

Students answers each other questions or look it up

 Facilitator is there to support ideas and navigating students back to the case




Agenda announce and e mail the agenda for the following

An example of planned event
Spotlighted onStudent?

Weekly session (Monday or Friday Lunch 12-1)




Links and References

Enrichment opportunity through the medical school usually 1 hour/week commitment for medical students for 1st-2nd year students, 4th year may join appear as a sentence in the MSPE (

*Content Game- Verboten

an interactive and fun means to review cases.

Hone participants’ descriptive and communication skills Jeopardy- Discussions- case based- Professionalism

Curriculum- National by Dr. Shaffer and Dr. Petra Lewis-

Team based learning- GI University of Alabama-


Powerpoint resources

TCV resources

Notes Scales and Music

What to look for

Ai group

To Do

How to tier the teaching and supervising arrangement

Create a program for the year

Mix of “How to” =  NSM

“What to look for”  Disease

Modalities MRI CT US PET scanning


Recruitment Letter

In the journey to master the art of medicine, other interests may be placed aside. But exploring your hobbies can help you learn about medicine!

Minh-Thuy Nguyen, MS4 and Dr. Ashley Davidoff and  are creating an enrichment opportunity called the Rookies of Radiology (RoR) club.

This club provides an outlet for students, trainees, and faculty to share their interests and talents with other participants, help them see how to apply the process of honing their skills , learn about radiology through case discussions, and develop teaching skills. In addition we would like to learn about each other and explore and share the other side our lives

If you are interested, please email or reach out to Dr. Davidoff!


Radiology Newsletter


The RoaR Club

The RoaR Club

The Rookies of Academic Radiology Club

Minh-Thuy Nguyen, MS4, and Ashley Davidoff are creating a student led enrichment opportunity called “The Rookies of Radiology”  (aka The RoR Club).

This club will provide an environment for medical students at all levels, to interact with each other and with radiology residents.  The mission is to promote radiology interests, as well as to promote the personal outside interests of the students.  Student to student guidance and resident to student guidance will be moderated by the faculty advisor.

Radiology programs will for example include; case discussions, “must know” topics in radiology, and how to prepare for a career in radiology.  It will also provide a think tank to innovate educational methods to teach radiology to medical students.

The social aspect may take the form of a zoom social gathering with discussion of personal interests, hobbies, poetry readings, musical evening or even a night of philosophical discussion.

We believe this program is a unique innovation, and hope it will provide a forum for education, enrichment, and personal well being

If you are interested to join this club, please email or