BMC Imaging Library Project

We recycle our trash – why not our treasures!

Every moment of our work day, something interesting or important is happening.  We do not have an easy way to capitalize on these moments nor on the experience of others in our department.

Important moments happen in clinical care, education, research and quality control.  We are creating two integrated projects that aim to solve this issue.  “In Line” is a tool we are developing with Philips Performance Bridge to collect and archive cases easily from the PACS system.  This tool will enable us to develop a personal teaching file (TF) as well as a departmental TF which will be housed in our new virtual BMC Imaging Library. It is envisaged that each member of the department will have their own URL  in the library in which they will be able to collect and archive and centralize their  learning experience – almost like a medical diary.

The BMC Imaging Library project will be a combination of a living room and library – a forum for our social and intellectual pursuits, enabling us to learn together as a unit.  For the social aspect we would like to promote outside interests of our members such as photography, art and music.  By creating profiles relating to the interests of members of our department and the rotating students, we will get to know each other better.  For the intellectual and clinical care aspect we will house a variety of categories within the library with cutting edge learning and teaching tools, such as “In a Nutshell”, “Voice Rad” and OLA resources.

Dr. Soto has just signed a discovery phase contract with Honeycomb Archive, a digital asset management company who will work on the pilot development of the BMC Image Library, with a view to creating mobile elements and online learning tools

Our vision is that the BMC Imaging Library will serve individual members while also contributing to the department in its entirety.  The next generation of our department will also derive these benefits.  We hope to add another layer to the foundation of BMC Radiology by recycling our treasures and making them available to all.

Vision for the Library