Fereshetian, Shaunt

Shaunt Fereshetian

I am currently a 4th year medical student here at BUSM.   I am applying into ophthalmology residency positions this fall. I am originally from Belmont, MA (a suburb near Cambridge) and went to Tufts for undergrad where I majored in biopsychology. After graduating in 2014, I spent three years working in the proteomics platform at the Broad institute in Cambridge MA. My focus was mainly on studying the role of posttranslational modifications like phosphorylation and ubiquitination in the pathophysiology of disease.

AD asked Shaunt to explain

“When proteins are translated, they are further modified chemically which alters their function. Part of my responsibility was to study how these chemical modifications may be involved in certain disease processes. For example, researchers are often interested in knowing if specific pathways are activated or modified in different cancers and part of our job is to help identify which, if any, pathways may be more active and contributing to the growth of the cancer itself.”

I am excited to be a part of the radiology elective during Block 12, and look forward to combining my existing passion for ophthalmology with an interest and desire to learn more about imaging and radiology in general.

By virtue of my hometown I am a huge Boston sports fan and a cooking enthusiast. Each month I try to cook a new
unique recipe! I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors and usually plan a trip once a year with my childhood friends.